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  • Batroun & Tripoli

    Batroun & Tripoli

    In every district of Batroun & Tripoli you find a story Batroun is likely the “Batruna” mentioned in the Amarna letters dating to the 14th century B.C. Batroun is famous for its Phoenician wall and old souks where we’re gonna offer our guests a fresh lemonade which is the signature of the city. Tripoli is…

  • Visit Beautiful Budapest

    Visit Beautiful Budapest

    The Castle District encompasses Castle Hill (Várhegy) – nerve centre of Budapest’s history and packed with many of the capital’s most important museums and other attractions – as well as ground-level Víziváros (Watertown). What the latter lacks in sights it makes up for in excellent restaurants, many of them around Széll Kálmán tér, a major…

  • Big in Japan

    Big in Japan

    Tokyo feels limitless in size and scope and often seems more like a collection of cities than one cohesive whole. At the centre is the Imperial Palace. To the east of the palace is the old city, the historic downtown that came to life during the feudal era (when a castle stood where the palace…